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Silent Winter Solstice
SKU: 978-1662916533

Seeking a fresh start after ending a decade-long stagnant relationship, 30-year-old Beth Williams returned to her hometown of Davison City, located on the Northwest Minnesota prairie. Now she is successfully juggling a job as a Library Assistant and graduate school. Beth’s peaceful life is suddenly upended on the evening of the 1968 Winter Solstice. While most of the world is transfixed by the televised images of the first manned lunar orbit, Beth is rushing through the eerily quiet city park trying to get to work on time. Suddenly, a body rolls down the hill and lands near her feet. She glimpses a shadowy figure at the top of the hill. Before the police arrive, the body disappears and they dismiss the whole thing as a drunk who fell, was stunned, and then wandered off after regaining consciousness. However, Beth is certain that a murder was committed. She and her best friend, Evie Hanson, both mystery novel buffs, decide to investigate. The menace grows when Beth discovers she is being followed around town. Beth and Evie realize they must solve the case before it is too late.
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Dim and Flaring Lamps: A Historical Fiction Anthology of America
SKU: 979-8718252286

Sundial Magazine presents an anthology of short historical fiction and poetry set in America or in American conflicts. From the Salem witch trials to the Challenger disaster, Sundial's first anthology relates almost 400 years of American history.
  • With sixteen original short stories by Kim Ross, Greg Houle, R. Louis Scott, Michael Harris, Marlin Bressi, Shanteé Felix, Nikki Lynn Blakely, Michael Cooney, Scott Pedersen, Jared Carlson, Jonathan Adams, Alexis Silas, Nikita C. Anderson, B.K. Oldre, Marcy Dilworth, and David Salner. 
  • With five flash pieces by Teresa Tennyson, Gina L. Grandi, Andrea Goyan, Wilson Koewing, and Yash Seyedbagheri.
  • With a novel excerpt by Jennifer Schuberth.
  • With five original poems by John Johnson, David Salner, and Tani Law Rey.
  • With eleven original illustrations by Sandra Eckert, Yaleeza Patchett, Ann van der Giessen, and Kaci Ellison.
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